Will the room addition increase the value of my home?

Yes, any remodeling to a home will increase its value as well as tax benefits make your home one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make.

How will a Room Addition look on my house?

When finished, your room addition will look like it was always part of the house. We will do our best to match existing exterior and interior finishes on your home so it blends right in.

Do we have to get building permits from our city government?

No. Dunlap Construction provides all permits for your home improvement project as part of the package. The only time you may be involved is if there is a variance.

Can you put cable TV, phone, networking, and media cables in my room addition?

Yes! We keep all these things in mind when design your new room addition. The Layout of any cables will be on the blue prints for you to approve.

How do I heat and cool the room addition?

We have a number of options for heating and cooling. It depends on the style of your room and what will work with the project and with what you already have.